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Why pay for investment advice? While it might pay to dish out cash to follow pros who work at Wall Street Journal, The Street and others, sometimes it’s good to follow a few folks who want to spread their investment news for free.

He’s called the Oracle of Omaha, and for good reason: not only is he one of the best investors of all time, but he’s also a witty communicator. If you read one of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder letters (BTW–I love their Web site design!), you’ll feel like Warren Buffett is one of the Good Guys–someone [...]

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Since the recent stock market crash, many are losing faith in individual equities. As stocks drop, investors turn to mutual funds as a way to get instant diversification and to try to add a little safety to their investment portfolios. Here are 50 worthwhile mutual fund blogs that can help you learn a little bit [...]