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I feel a rant coming on. More accurately, I’ve been suppressing a rant for several days now. A lot of ink, both digital and otherwise, has been spilled over the AIG bonus fiasco. A lot, but not enough. I rarely, if ever, side with the populists or barking congressmen, but it seems this situation has [...]


Kudos to Jon Stewart for overwhelming Jim Cramer to the point of speechlessness in their joint appearance on the Daily Show Thursday. It made for great television. But, let’s not forget, that’s all it was, great television. The economic crisis wasn’t solved, and CNBC isn’t going to change its stripes. As impressive as Stewart was, [...]

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In the old days, say 1965, if you were well heeled and sufficiently inclined you might have what would be known as a stock broker. (If you were truly wealthy, say Rockefeller rich, you would likely have a private banker.) Your stock broker would go by the slightly awkward title of Customer’s Man or maybe [...]