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Are we really going to see the Amero?

14 dogs and cats who make more money than you do.


50 real estate resources.

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In March, Beijing central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan roiled the global financial system by suggesting, in an essay aimed at an international audience, that a new reserve currency be adopted — one that could replace the U.S. dollar as the global currency predominantly used in trade between nations. Although not mentioning the dollar by name, [...]


I offer 50+ ways to enjoy free samples. Because, really, you could be doing something else with your money.

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Since the recent stock market crash, many are losing faith in individual equities. As stocks drop, investors turn to mutual funds as a way to get instant diversification and to try to add a little safety to their investment portfolios. Here are 50 worthwhile mutual fund blogs that can help you learn a little bit [...]


It’s tax season! That means it’s time to file your tax return. Whether you expect a refund or not, you still need to file. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, there is no lack of Web sites that provide tools, forms and filing options. And many of them are free. Here are 25 Web sites that [...]

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As the price of gold remains solidly above $900 an ounce (it even topped $1,000 not too long ago), more people are asking this question: Whatever happened to the gold standard? Others are more concerned about the fact that we don’t actually have something physical to back up our currency. And why did we move [...]