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Ah, remember the good ole days of manually balancing your checkbook with pencil and paper? Did we really use to do that before online banking became the norm earlier this decade? As much as online banking has made our financial lives simpler, it only got us half-way there. Sure, we could log into our financial [...]


If 2007 was the year of social media, then 2008 was the year of niche social media. If you’re a plugged-in money geek, you’ve likely outgrown your reliance on catch-all social media sites like Digg and Delicious. And if you’re a blogger, no longer is submitting your blog posts only to Digg and Delicious good [...]


If you haven’t yet signed up at, now would be a good day: Tip’d 2.0 has launched. The new version of Tip’d features several big updates, including social stock tickers, an investing videos category, and the Tip’d Top 100 (most popular financial Web sites).

By now, you’ve probably heard some or all of these phrases: frozen credit markets, mortgage backed securities, collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps. But just what the heck do they mean? How did we get into this global economic mess anyway? Well, I’m in no mood to try to explain it to you myself, especially [...]


What is it about wealth that fascinates us? Some think of the televisions, jewelry, and Ferraris that great wealth can buy. Perhaps others think of a purchasing a billionaire’s mansion. Still others may find the appeal of money in the women that it can help attract. But here at Bankling (where finance geeks reign supreme), [...]

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If you think this recession is bad, imagine what life was like during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Presented below are my favorite five photos from that era. Hopefully, our current economic situation won’t get this bad. But if it does, at least it will be in color.

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With salaries of the world’s top athletes rising and the value of some sports franchises going through the roof, sports economics has become a hot topic in the past decade. From stadium naming rights to lucrative television deals, teams and athletes far and wide are cashing in on entertaining sports fans like never before. Below, [...]

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Does the plunging real estate market have you down in the dumps? A continuation of our Fun series takes a gander at the world’s most ridiculously priced homes. One glance at these prices will have you forgetting about the market tumble in a hurry!

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Hello world!

by Jimmy A on February 18, 2009

Hello world! We are Bankling. You’re a web savvy PF nerd. More to come shortly. In the meantime: read Lifehacker, GetRichSlowly, or Mashable.