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by Linda G on April 8, 2009

Are you looking for seasoned real estate blogs? You can find them, especially if you comb through lists from years gone by. We did just that, as we pored through lists like those at International Listings (Top 100 Real Estate Blogs) and at Real Estate Dispatch (Top 35 Real Estate Blogs). We eliminated the out-of-date blogs and the blogs that no longer focused on the categories where they were listed and ended up with some gems.

Single Family Detached HomeThe results, listed below, provide real estate consumers and investors with vital, sage and pertinent information about the real estate market. The list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically below each category. This method assures our readers that we do not favor one resource over another.


Most home buyers want an appraiser who’s been seasoned. These bloggers are there, as they’ve been around a while.

  1. Appraisal Scoop: Read articles about business management, appraisal technology, industry news and market analysis from a real estate professional who has been in the appraisal business for 25 years.
  2. Matrix: This blog provides a stream of information and commentary relating to local, national and international real estate topics that were pouring out of the news media. Written by an appraiser and launched in 2005.
  3. Soapbox: Soapbox is meant to be an industry resource, a repository of information that can help inform, annoy, educate and motivate, change the appraisal industry.
  4. Table Talk with Apella: This site is an appraisal resource for homeowners, real estate professionals, lenders & Investors.

Real Estate’s Dark Side

Why a blogger would want to stick to the dark side of real estate for years is one question. While the answer may not be apparent, these bloggers have become expert at sniffing out the worst in real estate.

  1. Another FB: A mortgage ‘insider’s’ view on the lending industry, the housing bubble and the loose credit standards that drove it all.
  2. Blown Mortgage: One “mortgage insider’s” ongoing endeavor to cover the atrocities that still plague the mortgage industry, providing you with insight and understanding about the industry so you won’t get burned by a bad mortgage deal.
  3. Bubble Meter: A housing bubble blog dedicated to tracking the continuing decline of the housing bubble throughout the USA.
  4. Housing Doom: Articles and blog entries cover topics such as bailouts, “bubble horror stories,” housing bubbles and more.
  5. Mortgage Fraud Blog: Rachel Dollar is an attorney and Certified Mortgage Banker who handles fraud recovery litigation for lenders and secondary market investors nationwide.
  6. The Housing Bubble: Ben Jones examines the home price boom and its effect on owners, lenders, regulators, realtors and the economy as a whole.

Good Reading

Even if you believe that no one really owns a piece of the earth, these blogs still might bring a smile to your face.

  1. Big Time Listings: If you like anything that comes out of Hollywood, you’ll really like this blog. Check out celebrity homes, famous homes and market conditions around the stars.
  2. Grow a Brain: Hanan Levin is the co-owner of ‘The Champion’ Real Estate Company in Riverside, California. They call him “The Human Vacuum,” and you’ll learn why after you explore his perspectives.
  3. Sellsius: Sellsius covers all aspects of real estate, with a focus on marketing tools, new technology, innovation, and social media. Their goal is to inform in an entertaining way, which makes it a pleasure for consumers to read as well.
  4. Spencer Barron is a entrepreneur, investor, and Realtor currently living in Denver, Colorado. He’s involved with many projects, which may be the reason why he has many rants and raves centered on real estate.
  5. Unusual Life: Spend time here if you like unusual homes, amazing architecture, strange places and fascinating people.


If you view real estate as a portfolio, you might enjoy these blogs. You might trust them as well, as they’ve been around for awhile.

  1. Altos Research Real Estate Insights: This company’s real estate data and local real estate reports are used by financial firms, investors, and thousands of real estate professionals around the country.
  2. Bloodhound Blog: This is a national real estate industry marketing and technology blog written by, for and about real estate professionals.
  3. Future of Real Estate Marketing: The Future of Real Estate Marketing blog examines the impact of Web 2.0 and the Internet on real estate and real estate marketing. Consumers can learn much about how to shop for real estate on the Web through Joel Burslem’s writings.
  4. Housing Derivatives: Applications and economics for the U.S. housing market, brought to you by Traditional Financial Services, Inc. a broker of OTC housing and commercial real estate swaps and options.
  5. Lending Clarity: Marc Brinitzer has been in his business for years, and his blog brings many years’ worth of wisdom about lending, markets and investment moves.
  6. Mike’s Corner: This blog exists to bridge the gap between perception and reality as it applies to Real Estate 2.0. Mike is geared to help the real estate professional, but the real estate customer can learn much about new sales strategies here.
  7. Real Estate Dispatch: Mortgage lenders, real estate agents, commercial real estate experts, or other real estate professionals contribute to this blog for real estate investors.
  8. Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures: If you want to get into real estate investing, you might want to follow Shaun’s adventures. He will tell you that “it’s not really that difficult or scary.”
  9. The Real Estate Bloggers: This blog strives to bring a reasoned analysis of the real estate industry to professionals, pundits, buyers and sellers, voyeurs, and the curious.
  10. Real Estate, Investment, Finance: This blog will interest real estate professionals (lender, Realtor, banker, etc), investors (landlord, flipper, wholesaler, etc.), consumers, renters or homeowners interested in the world of real estate.
  11. Zillow Blog: Geared toward both consumers and real estate professionals, the Zillow Blog provides timely news, advice and information about the ups and downs of real estate investments.

Real Estate News

After delivering news for a few years, these bloggers have learned how to bring it on – especially in the real estate market.

  1. Hot Property: BusinessWeek editors Chris Palmeri, Prashant Gopal, Peter Coy, and Dean Foust chronicle the highs and lows of the housing and mortgage markets on this blog.
  2. Inman Blog: Inman News is the leading source of independent real estate news, information, advice, research, opinion and commentary for industry professionals and consumers alike.
  3. Real/diaBlog: “Boldly saying what others won’t about Real Estate.” Brought to you by Tony Arko, a real estate professional in Loudoun County, Virginia.
  4. Real Estate Schmoozer: Ladin Ventures, LLC shares their extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, business and marketing.
  5. Realty Times: This is a real estate news network that covers nationwide market conditions.
  6. The Real Estate Tomato: The Real Estate Tomato is a destination for real estate news, e-marketing, Internet insight, services and products.

Site-Specific Blogs

While we wish every major city had a top real estate blog, that hasn’t happened. The following bloggers might serve as role models, though.

  1. 360 Digest: Seattle Real Estate Blog for those interested in Seattle real estate, popular culture, tech, news and opinion.
  2. Curbed: In New York City, it comes back to real estate, rent and neighborhoods. Curbed also extends to Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  3. Property Grunt: This is a blog by a “soldier in the trenches of the Manhattan real estate war presenting information and commentary on the market.”
  4. Rain City Guide: This blog is a leading resource for information on the Seattle area real estate market.
  5. the Front Steps: This is one of the most popular real estate blogs in San Francisco, written by an active licensed real estate agent.
  6. Urban Trekker: Tracking urban living, urban-suburban revitalization, redevelopment, green real estate and trends throughout the nation and in metro Washington DC

Niche Markets

These blogs have stood the test of time for their unique qualities, because they focus on niche markets.

  1. Condo Blog: This blogger is fixated on condominiums, luxury real estate, urban city centers, home buyers and technology.
  2. New Condos Online: This blog focuses solely on new condos, luxury condos and vacation and resort properties.
  3. No Limits Ladies: Want financial freedom? Do it through investing in paper, real estate and building business with women of all “ages, shapes and sizes” who offer ideas, resources and fun.
  4. Overseas Property Mall: is an international real estate investment blog that has been offering free & reliable international property research, news and interviews since March 2005. Its longevity attests to its popularity, validity and compelling content.
  5. Real Sage Advice: Lisa Dunn a licensed real estate agent working in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota; however, her main interests are seniors, senior housing and aging issues.
  6. The Islomaniac: Cheyenne Morrison is the founder of the Islomaniacs Society and an obsessed island property specialist.

The Green Life

Going green is the focus here, and these blogs are tops in the green real estate market.

  1. Green Buildings NYC: gbNYC is published by Stephen Del Percio, a construction and real estate attorney admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey. Commentary, however, tends to lean toward green building in general.
  2. Inhabitat: is devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.
  3. Jetson Green: This is a daily updated magazine that focuses on green building and everything related to it, including sustainable architecture, good design, green prefab and more.
  4. Sustainable Green Communities: This blog is all about sustainable green communities, environmentally-friendly building design, climate change, flood control, storm-water recycling and much more.
  5. The Sustainable Cities Blog: This blog is maintained by the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities in New York. Learn more about their mission and projects here.
  6. Treehugger: One of the leading media outlets dedicated to driving sustainability. This blog is on the cutting edge for green solutions and product information.
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