The Ultimate Guide to Free Investment Newsletters

by Linda G on May 18, 2009

Why pay for investment advice? While it might pay to dish out cash to follow pros who work at Wall Street Journal, The Street and others, sometimes it’s good to follow a few folks who want to spread their investment news for free.

NasdaqThe following list contains some reliable oldies, such as Warren Buffet and Kiplinger. But, there are many more you may not recognize such as ETF Database (an ETF screener site with a newsletter) and Simple Stock Trading (an independent stock picking blog with a newsletter). Each free subscription offers something different. But, we placed all fifty free investment newsletters in alphabetical order to show that we do not prefer one news source over another.

  1. AlphaProfit Highlights: Scroll down the page to find the free newsletter from Alpha Profits. This service does not include regular access to AlphaProfit’s other publications.
  2. Bankling: Get a healthy mix of entertainment, how-to’s, tips, and resources by newsletter or via your favorite news reader.
  3. Bankrate: Sign up for one or more of Bankrate’s newsletters and alerts to start saving now.
  4. Confident Investment Strategies: Sign up here if you want investment advice on stock market and mutual funds trends.
  5. Daily Futures: Receive this daily news email on the futures markets.
  6. Domini Updates: Subscribe to “Action Alerts, quarterly Social Impact Updates, and press releases” focused on social investments.
  7. Daily ETF newsletter from ETF Database: Receive tips and strategies for a low-cost, high-return ETF portfolio through news and resources from ETF Database.
  8. Euro Pacific Capital: If you’re interested in high-yield foreign securities, energy and commodities, sign up for this free newsletter.
  9. FierceFinance: Get news on capital markets, hedge funds, asset management, venture capital, private equity, and much more.
  10. Financial Aid News: Perfect free monthly newsletter for the parent of a college student or for the student. Includes news, updates and resources.
  11. Financial Planning: Subscribe to a number of newsletters including a Wealth Advisor, Financial Planning Daily, Retirement Planning and Breaking News.
  12. Forbes: Sign up for a variety of newsletters on topics ranging from a daily news roundup to video reports.
  13. Free Money Finance: Receive a short, simple, money-related e-newsletter that’s packed full of great “stuff.”
  14. Fund Advice: Subscribe to this free weekly newsletter, with an option for investing audio updates. Focus is on mutual funds.
  15. Fundztrader: This free newsletter focuses on mutual funds and ETFs.
  16. Greek Shares: Use the sign-up box at upper right to receive this “Learn to Invest” newsletter filled with useful investing tips.
  17. Gryphon Financial: Subscribe to this company’s free Network Newsletter and receive a free subscription to their Gryphon Insider as well.
  18. INCE: Information that is communicated to investors on a daily basis, like financial notices, company releases, corporate actions and basic reporting requirements is provided free of charge.
  19. Invest With an Edge: Receive a rich overview of the market every Wednesday, focused on the “most important events” and emerging trends.
  20. Investing for Beginners: This is an newsletter that focuses on investing lessons and discussions. They also offer newsletters for mutual funds, day trading and more.
  21. Investor Place: No matter what type of investor you are, this free financial newsletter, Investors Insights, has something actionable for you.
  22. Investor Words: Get an investor word a day by email, which provides an easy way to learn market lingo.
  23. Investor’s Daily Edge: Sign up for this site’s investment newsletter and special reports in the box at upper right.
  24. Kiplinger: Online subscriptions here include the Agriculture Letter, Biofuels Market Alert, Tax Letter, Retirement Report and more from this esteemed financial forecaster.
  25. Managing Money: Sign up for whatever interests your personal finance visions…savings? Personal loans? Investment research? It’s all here.
  26. MarketWatch: Sign up or sign in to receive daily news from this investment and personal finance company.
  27. Money and Markets: Receive a Money and Markets free investment newsletter subscription through this sign-up box to the upper right.
  28. Money Morning Australia: Are you into some price comparisons and early-morning “must know” information? Sign up for this free newsletter.
  29. Motley Fool: Provide this long-standing financial site with your email and they will provide you with numerous newsletter and alert options.
  30. MSN Money: Pick through a plethora of free newsletters provided by MSN Money’s regular writers.
  31. Mutual Fund Research Newsletter: This newsletter provides up-to-date recommendations for your funds.
  32. NextPath: NextPath is a free service that delivers important, up-to-date news and information about financial aid directly to your desktop.
  33. Penny Stocks: Learn more about how to invest in Penny Stocks through this free newsletter.
  34. PlaceTrade Financial: This newsletter covers a variety of timely financial topics.
  35. Plumbob Investments: Sign up for this free monthly newsletter and get a monthly summary and outlook, ten stock picks every year and more.
  36. Practical Money Skills: Sign up for the Practical Money Skills monthly newsletter to receive the latest financial education news, articles, and podcasts via email.
  37. Retirement Investing Newsletter: This “Senior-Savvy” newsletter is a comprehensive source for retirement resources.
  38. Silver Stock Investment Newsletter: If you’re into small-cap precious metals mining companies, this author will do all the research for you and you’ll receive it in this newsletter.
  39. Simple Stock Trading: This stock market analyst provides stock trading tips and ETF trading ideas in his free bi-weekly newsletter.
  40. Stanley Gibbons Investment Newsletter: Does the stock market scare you? Why not invest in rare stamps and autographs? Learn more through this newsletter.
  41. Stock Stars: Sign up for alerts so you can stay on top of quick-moving news.
  42. Street Authority: Uncover news about high-yield investments, ETF, market advice and global dividend opportunities through the variety of newsletters offered here.
  43. Successful Investment: Subscribe to this free weekly newsletter to learn more about no-load mutual funds and ETFs.
  44. Terry’s Tips: Learn more about stock options through this free options-strategy newsletter.
  45. The Financial Intelligence Report: And “inside look on what’s really going on behind the scenes.”
  46. Tip’d: Subscribe to the Tip’d RSS feed via e-mail and receive all of the financial news that gets published to the Tip’d front page daily.
  47. Today’s Financial News: Get analyses on everything from crude oil prices to real estate markets to stock market news—even free stock picks – straight to your inbox!
  48. Warren Buffet Secrets: Approximately once a month, you’ll receive a free newsletter filled with the latest information on Warren Buffett and associated investing subjects.
  49. Weekly Wealth Letter: Weekly Wealth Letter talks about top performing funds, ETFs, stocks and commodities – an all-around newsletter.
  50. Learn more about how to protect your assets as a woman. Get the Women’s Institute for Financial Education newsletter here.
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