The Real Estate Toolbox: Top 50 Resources & Web 2.0 Sites for Buying or Selling a Home

by Miranda Marquit on April 13, 2009

It’s tough out there in the real estate market. While it’s definitely a buyer’s market, even some buyers are having difficulty getting approved, since mortgage lenders have more stringent requirements. And if you are a seller, it can seem hardly worth it to put your home on the market — considering the drop in home values and prices. Learn more about listing your home, as well as how to use valuable tools that can help you, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Free Real Estate Listing Sites

saitta_house_dyker_heightsIt can get expensive to list your home. However, there are Web sites that offer free real estate listings. These can also be great places to visit if you are buying; you can get an idea of what’s out there — and what it costs.

  1. Craig’s List is without a doubt the best place to go when looking for any online Classifieds. You can find real estate listing on Craig’s List as well. Search by metro area to see what’s available in the location you desire.
  2. offers anyone the chance to list their real estate for free. Agents and for sale by owner (FSBO) homes can be listed. This site also includes helpful links to homebuying and listing tools including appraisers, brokers, warranties, insurance and more.
  3. FindMyRoof provides you with the ability to list your home according to category: real estate, lease purchase or FSBO. Additionally, FindMyRoof includes rental and apartment listings. FindMyRoof also offers a blog that contains some useful information.
  4. has a state-by-state search that includes detailed photos of listings. You can find helpful details on homes for sale (as well as list your property for free) and even find rentals.
  5. is aimed mostly at FSBO sellers. You can list for free and get helpful tools on pricing, preparing your home and even understanding purchase agreements.
  6. House-Hunting.comprovides state-by-state listings. Most of the homes are liisted by agents and brokers, though. This can be helpful for agents, who can also create a free page for their personal agency.
  7. Just Real Estate Listings is a Web site devoted to helping sellers and buyers alike. For agents, it’s possible to set up automatic updates by adding your MLS feed. Buyers can get helpful information and local services for maintenance, personal finance, mortgages, moving and more.
  8. is affiliated with Lawchek. This site offers real estate agents the opportunity to list for free, and provides useful information on the real estate business.
  9. Home Advertising Network provides free property listing for those who are looking to sell or rent out their property — including commercial real estate. Great search tool for buyers as well.

Paid Real Estate Listing Sites

Paid sites help you reach more people and inclue some extra tools and features. Included here are some rental and property management sites for the real estate investor.

  1. Yahoo! Real Estate offers you the ability to list a home for sale in the Yahoo! Classifieds. For buyers, there are a number of tools that include information on home values, foreclosures and finding a Realtor. For sellers, there is a Classifieds listing package for residential real estate that costs around $50.
  2. Fizber provides resources and tools mainly for those involved with FSBO. Fizber places your ad for you on a number of sites, including Zillow, Trulia and Craig’s List.
  3. offers paid listings for sellers. Buyers can look for free. The site also includes useful tools and information. There is also a mobile application for HomeFinder and a special section on green living and eco-friendly homes.
  4. Wall Street Journal Real Estate can help you reach a number of discriminating and high-end buyers. Sellers can look for free. A great guide to all things real estate, and the lastest housing market news.
  5. offers FSBO, agents and brokers the chance to advertise their properties for free. An easy interface makes it simple to get your ad up there. Includes commercial real estate in addition to residential. Buyers and renters can search a number of properties for free.
  6. provides a comprehensive property search engine. List your property for a fee, or search for free. Includes lease and exchange options as well.
  7. Rentomatic.comis geared mainly at those with a large number of properties to manage. It’s a property management site that allows you to manage your rental real estate portfolio. Comes with a free trial before you have to start paying.

International and Luxury Real Estate Listings

If you are looking for a home outside the country, or if you want luxury real estate, here are some links that can help you buy or sell international and luxury real estate.

  1. International Listings provides a number of useful tools, articles and resources for both buyers and sellers of international properties. This site specializes in luxury real estate. offers the ultimate in luxury real estate. You can list a home, or search for luxury real estate around the world. Get information on vacation rentals as well.
  2. Escape Artist is one of the best places for all things international real estate. Find homes overseas, and place them up for sale. Great information on living and working abroad as well.
  3. Condo Domain offers listing of luxury condo real estate in a number of markets.
  4. provides a way for you to list your property in a number of countries. You can also find solid information on the international real estate market, and how to buy and sell real estate across the globe.
  5. WebList Properties offers a information and services associated with vacation and international real estate. You can list your international real estate, or find the perfect overseas home.
  6. specializes in bringing sellers and buyers of international real estate together.
  7. provides information on luxury communities in addition to listings. You can list a home or look to buy; prides itself in marketing to an exclusive set.
  8. focuses mainly on vacation homes. You can rent a home for holiday or buy an overseas villa. You can also list rental and for sale properties on this site.
  9. specializes in mountain properties. These are luxury properties worldwide.

Foreclosure Real Estate Listings

Foreclosures are increasing popular — especially for buyers. It’s possible to get a great deal when you look for a foreclosure. Here are some foreclosure real estate listing sites that can help you find some real steals.

  1. RealtyTrac provides information on homes in foreclosure and also homes in pre-foreclosure. Additionally, there is useful information on how to buy foreclosures and where to find foreclosures in desirable locations.
  2. is just what it sounds like: a Web site devoted to searching foreclosure listings. Find bankruptcies, FSBO pre-foreclosures, sheriff sales, tax liens listings and more.
  3. offers you the ability to search foreclosure for free. You can find properties easily in top foreclosure states and get easy access to government foreclosures. Provides you the option with receiving email alerts when a new crop of foreclosures is listed.
  4. Foreclosure Data provides an easy way to search for foreclosures. Includes helpful research tools and a way to contact agents.
  5. AOL’s Real Estate section includes an area devoted to foreclosures. This offers helpful information on avoiding foreclosure (for those in danger), as well as a search of foreclosure real estate.
  6. Bank Foreclosures Sale provides a state-by-state search of foreclosure listings. Included are government foreclosures as well as bank foreclosures.
  7. offers a foreclosure real estate listing section to help you narrow your search to foreclosures. Search by ZIP code and by price range — as well as number of bedrooms and bathrooms. also includes information and tools to help you buy or sell a home.
  8. The U.S. Government provides a Web site that allows you to look for property the government owns (including foreclosure) and surplus property. Commercial, agricultural and residential real estate is included.
  9. is a niche site for Michigan. This site provides auction information and allows you the chance to buy from corporate sellers.

Real Estate Tools

Want to know how much a home is worth? Curious about where to find homes for sale? Want to know where your listing is being marketed? Find answers to these and other questions with a variety of helpful real estate tools.

  1. Zillow offers an estimating tool called the Zestimate. It helps you get a rough idea of what your home (or a home you want to buy) is worth. It compiles local market data and more to come up with a ballpark figure. But be aware that it is no substitute for an appraisal.
  2. Trulia offers real estate market guides for different areas. You can get trends and statistics on different areas, and see what the activity is like in different markets.
  3. International Listings provides a great real estate marketing report card. This tool takes a look at how well your property is being marketed across the Internet, providing a look at how much exposure your listing is getting.
  4. Homethinking has a great tool to help you compare neighborhoods. If you like your neighborhood, but are moving, you can find a similar neighborhood in a different city.
  5. offers a buy v. rent calculator that takes into account the region you are considering. A number of other useful tools are also available on this site.
  6. Google Base pulls information from Google Maps to help you figure out a route for our home search. You can also pull up sales information by searching for homes in a specific area.
  7. provides aerial photos of neighborhoods that you are searching. It is a useful mash-up that combines visuals with market data. This site also includes other useful information on boosting your home’s appeal, making an offer on a home and more.
  8. Real Estate ABC has a number of useful calculators that can help you figure out amortization, cost of living in different areas, comparisons of different mortgage payment scenarios and more.
  9. offers a free property suite aimed at helping agents present properties. Flyers, online publishing, database functions and more help you get your listings “out there.”

Real Estate Blog Posts

Here is a sampling of some real estate blogs and blog posts that offer information, tips and insight into the real estate market. For a more detailed list, check out these top real estate blogs.

  1. Bigger Pockets has a great post on reconciling cost, price and value when looking to buy real estate.
  2. Bible Money Matters provides a helpful FAQ about the Making Home Affordable loan modification program.
  3. Shak & Jill offers a look at D.C. real estate — and why it might worth it to rent instead of buy.
  4. Real Estate Pro Articles warns that condo investing, while it seems like it could be a good idea, has a dark side.
  5. My Wife Quit Her Job provides an interesting look at calculating the true value of buying right now. Just because prices and rates are low, doesn’t mean it’s a good time to buy for everyone.
  6. Bargaineering offers an article about 10 real estate mistakes. Includes a link to his homebuying experience.
  7. Lazy Man and Money compares stocks vs. real estate over time.
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