The Mutual Fund Toolbox: Top 50 Blogs, Portfolio Tools, and More

by Miranda Marquit on March 30, 2009

Since the recent stock market crash, many are losing faith in individual equities. As stocks drop, investors turn to mutual funds as a way to get instant diversification and to try to add a little safety to their investment portfolios. Here are 50 worthwhile mutual fund blogs that can help you learn a little bit more about mutual funds — and how to invest in them.

Fundamental Analysis

mutual_fundLooking at the underlying factors that affect the market, from the economy to monetary policy to fund management, fundamental analysis can give you the big picture.

  1. MUTUALdecision offers commentary on economic policy and news and how it affects the stock market and mutual funds.
  2. IndexUniverse specializes in index funds, mutual funds and ETFs. It’s all about funds here — and understanding the fundamentals behind investing in them.
  3. Amateur Asset Allocator provides helpful information based on news and fundamentally sound investing analysis. While not exclusively devoted to mutual funds, there are articles that can help you learn about more effectively investing in them. I like this post reviewing four mutual funds for an IRA.
  4. Consumerism Commentary offers information on a number of personal finance topics, including investing. Mutual fund analysis is offered, as well as reviews of companies like Vanguard that offer mutual fund investing.
  5. The Oblivious Investor provides fundamentally sound ideas and insight into the market. He especially focuses on index funds as a way to build long-term wealth. I like this post on treating mutual funds like stocks.
  6. Retire Rich offers insight into long-term investing with diversification. The idea is to use a number of investment vehicles — including mutual funds — to build a fundamentally sound retirement portfolio.
  7. Living Off Passive Income provides insight and information into ways to generate passive income. Mutual fund investing is part of that equation.

Technical Analysis

If you are interested in charts and current movements, technical analysis can help you with short-term mutual fund investment moves.

  1. ETF Trends provides information on exchange traded funds. These are funds that are traded like stocks on the market, and have many characteristics in common with mutual funds. Current trends in ETFs can help you analyze what may be an interesting move right now.
  2. Fund Alarm is an interesting site that uses technical analysis to help you decide when to exit a mutual fund trade. It’s all about the exit.
  3. Ripe Trade offers short-term analysis on possible trades now. This includes information on mutual funds, as well as other investments.
  4. Skill Analytics is all about analysis of what is going on right now. Systems-based trading is the key — including when it comes to mutual funds and other investments.
  5. Stock Tips for Indian Stock Market offers a look at the Indian stock market, which is generating interest. There are a number of tips for mutual fund investing here as well.
  6. Mr. Swing provides news, information and more on mutual funds and other investments. Aimed mainly at day traders.


Follow trades, and get information on which mutual funds might be hot. Remember, though, that blindly following someone else’s advice can lead to losses.

  1. Fund My Mutual Fund highlights trades made with regard to mutual funds and other investments. Details the reasoning behind the moves made, and makes cases for both bulls and bears.
  2. Hot Mutual Funds and ETFs offers information on what is hot right now. Posts are published monthly, allowing you a look at what might be a good move right now.
  3. Wylie Money offers a specialized look at mutual fund investing, sample portfolios and hints and information.
  4. S&P Mutual Fund Screener from BusinessWeek offers a very useful way to fund S&P fund ratings before you commit yourself.
  5. The Street Mutual Fund Center offers news and information, as well as quotes and news that can help you make trading decisions.
  6. MAXfunds blog is all about helping you find good mutual funds to invest in, as well as criteria to help you make the decision. The  “Our Favorite Funds” feature can give you some good ideas.
  7. MFEA, the Mutual Fund Education Alliance, can provide you with what you need to make better trading decisions and teach you about mutual funds. Fund selector, portfolio tracker and more can help you set and reach mutual fund investing goals.
  8. Good Funds Advisor provides answers to quetsions about mutual funds. Tips on where to invest and how to trade.
  9. ETF Commentary offers new funds to invest in, as well as news and information on items and policy that can affect the market.
  10. StokBlogs allows you to look at model portfolios and get an idea of what is gaining and losing. Includes funds as well as individual stocks.


Learn the basics of mutual funds, and get helpful hints that can help you become a better investor.

  1. Mutual Funds provides information on becoming a more informed mutual fund investor, as well as tips for choosing the right funds for you.
  2. eRollover focuses mainly on retirement accounts. And since retirement accounts are in large part made up of mutual funds, you can see how this site might be helpful as you learn about mutual funds — and how they can fund your future.
  3. The Motley Fool Mutual Fund Center offers information that can help you make better decisions. A look at why mutual funds underperform, and ways you can break out and make better investing decisions.
  4. provides helpful information on a number of funds, especially mutual funds. Learn how to better invest — including making mutual funds part of your retirement account.
  5. Guide to Investing in MFs and ULIPs is a blog with information on mutual funds and unit linked insurance products. Great information from looking at load to how to proceed in a volatile market.
  6. Secrets and Tips on Investment and Personal Finance offers hints and ideas for better mutual fund investing, as well as information on other investment opportunities.
  7. Mutual Funds for Young Investors focuses on mutual funds that are ideal for younger investors.
  8. Hedge Fund Investing for Everyone provides tips and strategies for hedge fund investors.

General Information

Learn more about mutual funds, the stock market and how the whole thing works. Information about getting started and advanced techniques for mutual fund trading.

  1. Morningstar Mutual Fund Insights: So it’s not exactly a blog. But if you want a great deal of information about how mutual funds work, how they are rated, news information and more, Morningstar is the place to go.
  2. BusinessWeek Funds: Another news feed that provides news and general information on mutual funds and other types of funds. Well worth adding to your reading rotation.
  3. Yahoo! Mutual Funds Center: Learn about different types of mutual funds, use screen tools and get the low-down on how to choose a fund that works for you. An education center that includes a glossary and information on tax issues is especially helpful.
  4. CNN Money Funds: Mutual funds, ETFs and more. News, information and illustrations to help you understand how funds work.
  5. SEC Invest Wisely Mutual Funds: A little helpful information and advice from the U.S. government.
  6. Investopedia Mutual Funds: Investopedia is one of my favorite information resources. When it comes to mutual funds, Investopedia is typically helpful.
  7. MarketWatch Mutual Funds & ETFs: Just what it sounds like. Information and step by step help for mutual fund investing.
  8. Forbes Mutual Funds: Information and screening for mutual funds, as well as warnings for mismanaged funds.
  9. Mutual Funds Archives from Marketplace: This is a wealth of information, in Q&A format, from experts at American Public Media’s program Marketplace.

Blog Posts and Tools

These are mutual fund blog posts that offer interesting insight and information on mutual funds from personal finance and investing bloggers.

  1. Saving and Investing: What is a Mutual Fund? from Get Rich Slowly
  2. Mutual Fund Calculators from Wallet Pop
  3. How to pick your first mutual fund from Smart Spending
  4. Mutual Fund Sales Loads: Just Say No from Five Cent Nickel
  5. What is a Money Market Mutual Fund? from One Mint
  6. Mutual Funds Versus Individual Stock Picking: Which Is Right For You? an oldie but goodie from The Simple Dollar
  7. Nutrition Labels for Mutual Funds from Alpha Consumer
  8. Mutual fund spin: Less bad = good? from Philly Deal$
  9. Mutual funds crawl back from the abyss from
  10. Are Vanguard Mutual Funds Getting Expensive? from The Sun’s Financial Diary.
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1 Anthony Kirlew 03.31.09 at 1:47 PM

Thanks for compiling this information. It’s probably the most comprehensive list of mutual fund resources I’ve seen yet.

2 ObliviousInvestor 03.31.09 at 4:54 PM

Thanks for the mention, Miranda. :)

Also, I really like that Simple Dollar article. I hadn’t seen it before. His conclusion is great: “As for me? Mutual funds are the foundation; individual stocks are things to play with.”

3 TraderMark 03.31.09 at 5:35 PM

Thanks for the nomination. I will aim for spot #1 next year ;)

Fund My Mutual Fund

4 retireinrich 03.31.09 at 5:58 PM

thanks for adding my site in ur mention…i really appreciated.

5 Miranda Marquit 04.01.09 at 8:44 AM

Thanks for stopping by! I had fun putting the list together. I liked the article from The Simple Dollar as well, Oblivious. TraderMark: You were the top spot in the “trading” section ;) Really, though, these are listed in no particular order.

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