The Most Expensive Houses in the World: 5 Lists That Will Make You Jealous

by Jimmy A on February 23, 2009

Does the plunging real estate market have you down in the dumps? A continuation of our Fun series takes a gander at the world’s most ridiculously priced homes. One glance at these prices will have you forgetting about the market tumble in a hurry!

  • Versailles PalaceHowStuffWorks: Top Ten Most Expensive Houses in the World. Donald Trump’s $125 million home ranks last on this list, so you know there’s some good stuff here. The No. 1: Antilla in Mumbai, India. Price: $1 billion. My verdict: What does one family do with a 27-story mansion stocked with 600 servants?
  • World’s Most Expensive Homes. This list comprises only homes that were on the market and/or properties that sold in 2008, as of Nov. 17. The No. 1: Hillandale in Greenwich, Connecticut. Price: $125 million. My verdict: According to some other sites, this home is currently listed at a mere $95 million, but Forbes still has it at $125 million.
  • ABC News: Home Is Where the Money Is. The layout of this list could be easier to navigate, but at 34 homes, it is our biggest list. The No. 1: Villa Leopolda in the French Riviera. Price: $745 million. My verdict: The Russian oligarch who bought this mansion set a world record for purchase price of a home. But hey, Frank Sinatra used to party here.
  • Wall Street Journal: World’s Most Expensive Homes, Now at Reduced Prices. A sobering look at how the decline of the housing market has impacted the most expensive homes. The No. 1: Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills, California. Price: $125 million. My verdict: This 45,000-square-foot mansion, modeled after Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles (pictured above), is in the same Holmby Hills neighborhood as Hef’s Playboy Mansion. What’s not to like?
  • Newsweek: America’s Most Expensive Homes. Although there’s no date given, the intro to this list cites statistics from the first quarter of 2007. The No. 1: The Beverly Hills Compound in Beverly Hills, California. Price: $165 million. My verdict: This house has been home to William Randolph Hearst, served as honeymoon quarters for John and Jacqueline Kennedy, and was featured in the famous horse-head scene of The Godfather. Now, that’s an offer you can’t refuse!

What’s that? You aren’t worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Well, then I suppose this has all been fun and games. Recess is over. Time to get back to class. Remember, when buying a home, you should always buy less home than you think you can afford.

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1 02.24.09 at 11:30 AM

Those are massively impressive, but I’m not really sure what a person would do with that much house honestly. Even if they can afford a Mc Mansion.

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