The Best Online Budgeting Tools: Mint vs. Wesabe vs. Quicken Online

by Jimmy A on April 27, 2009

Ah, remember the good ole days of manually balancing your checkbook with pencil and paper? Did we really use to do that before online banking became the norm earlier this decade? As much as online banking has made our financial lives simpler, it only got us half-way there. Sure, we could log into our financial institution see our current balance and recent transactions. But basic online banking still didn’t get to the heart of personal finance budgeting.

Piggy says, "Feed me!"Namely, it still failed to explicitly address the following questions:

  1. Am I sticking to my monthly budget?
  2. Where is my money going?
  3. How does my spending compare to my peers’?
  4. What is happening in my other financial accounts?
  5. Can I get a better rate somewhere else?

Enter the online money management app, the Web 2.0 solution to personal finance. While these apps were founded a few years ago, they’ve become increasingly popular in the past 6-12 months as the recession has caused many to focus more on budgeting and their personal finances. Each of these apps goes beyond simple online banking by automatically importing transaction across all of your financial accounts — checking, saving, investment, and credit card. was conceived in 2005 by CEO Aaron Patzer when he was stressed out about having to spend several hours doing his personal budgeting on Quicken. He figured there must be a more automated way of doing this tedious task. The public beta version came out in September 2007 and its full version was launched in October 2008. It has since been hailed as the premier online money management app on the Web by numerous media outlets.

My user experience notes on

  • Clean, graphic-intensive user interface. The pretty charts and graphs make budgeting fun!
  • Compare your spending habits against other users.
  • Granular spending charts in the “Trends” section make it possible to drill down into your spending habits.
  • “Ways to Save” section shows exactly where you can find a better rate on a savings account or credit card.
  • Cool support features: An iPhone app, SMS updates, and blog.
  • My verdict: Robust and graphic-intense, yet still simple enough to set up.

Quicken OnlineQuicken Online launched in January 2008 at a monthly rate of $2.99 after the 30-day free trial. Thankfully, they’ve since come to their senses, and began offering their product free of charge beginning last October, right around the time when was coming out of beta and getting a ton of good press. (Nice timing!)

My user experience notes on Quicken Online:

  • The layout and user interface is almost identical to’s. Very clean.
  • Get helpful reminders about when bills are due. (Avoid those nasty late fees!)
  • Homepage offers a basic cashflow summary of money in – money out for the month.
  • Cool support features: A mobile version and blog.
  • My verdict: Simple and very easy to use.

WesabeWesabe launched in December 2005 and has always been free of charge. Unlike and Quicken Online, the Wesabe experience is focused on the community aspect of the site as opposed to the application itself. The idea behind Wesabe is that pooling spending information can aid in better financial decision making.

My user experience notes on Wesabe:

  • The UI is a bit clunky compared to and Quicken Online.
  • Compare your spending habits and shopping loyalties to those of other Wesabeans.
  • Unfortunately, there is currently no support for investment accounts.
  • The user manual is a major buzzkill. Things that “just work” shouldn’t need a user manual. Case-in-point: do you remember getting one with your iPod? Didn’t think so. :)
  • Cool support features: A mobile version, blog, and ability to talk directly to CEO Marc Hedlund.
  • My verdict: The community aspect of Wesabe makes it stand out from and Quicken Online, and hopefully they’ll add support for investment accounts soon.

If you have an iPhone, is definitely for you. You’ll love the clean interface the iPhone app gives you. For those who love TurboTax or don’t have an iPhone but demand mobile access, Quicken Online is worth a try. If you don’t have investment accounts (or don’t care to track them) and if you want the added value of a community experience, I’d recommend giving Wesabe a try. Do you have a favorite online personal finance app (perhaps one not listed here)? Feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to get your input.

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1 Frank 04.28.09 at 1:15 AM

I use Buxfer ( and am pretty happy with it.

2 Debbie Pfeifer 04.28.09 at 1:53 AM

Hey, Jimmy.
Thanks for including Wesabe in your write-up. Two things I want to point out. First off, we just launched an iPhone app today ( The app lets you edit transactions, track spending and even uses the phone’s GPS technology to suggest nearby merchants when you enter in purchases. Second, we do have an investment tracking feature that members can sign up for in Wesabe Labs ( We’ll be rolling that out to our entire membership soon. Thanks again.
Debbie Pfeifer

3 Gyasi Sutton 04.28.09 at 5:49 PM

I use mint, microsoft money and wesabe if you can believe that kind of overkill. wesabe’s interface is not to likable hint(get an air app and you could go to the head of the pack) but i personally like mint’s whole automated process when it comes to categorizing transactions. It helped me realize that 850 per month on restaurant’s is not a way to live in a recession Two things I don’t like and why i still use microsoft money is you can’t enter pending transactions and there is no local file or offline functionality with google gears(hint,hint).

4 TradeProfits 04.29.09 at 3:37 AM

Great sites. I specially enjoy Mint. I love the layout of the page.

5 Dan Heil 04.29.09 at 2:55 PM

Just wanted to drop by and tell you I recently subscribed to your blog and I think its excellent. You do a great job of blending topics together without making it a jumble of different subjects. Been waiting to comment that past week or so but no comment pages were open.

6 Money Blog 04.30.09 at 11:17 AM

I think one of the top ones is Yodlee…

7 Chris Brockbank 05.04.09 at 9:27 AM

This product was just launched a week ago. In addition to expense tracking, this includes a debt elimination plan using the “snowball” method, tracks tax-deductible expenses for home-based businesses, includes numerous financial planning calculators along with money-saving tips.

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