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April 2009

Ah, remember the good ole days of manually balancing your checkbook with pencil and paper? Did we really use to do that before online banking became the norm earlier this decade? As much as online banking has made our financial lives simpler, it only got us half-way there. Sure, we could log into our financial [...]


14 dogs and cats who make more money than you do.


If 2007 was the year of social media, then 2008 was the year of niche social media. If you’re a plugged-in money geek, you’ve likely outgrown your reliance on catch-all social media sites like Digg and Delicious. And if you’re a blogger, no longer is submitting your blog posts only to Digg and Delicious good [...]


50 real estate resources.

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Top 50 Real Estate Blogs

by Linda G on April 8, 2009

Are you looking for seasoned real estate blogs? You can find them, especially if you comb through lists from years gone by. We did just that, as we pored through lists like those at International Listings (Top 100 Real Estate Blogs) and at Real Estate Dispatch (Top 35 Real Estate Blogs). We eliminated the out-of-date [...]

Top 50 Economics Blogs

by Linda G on April 7, 2009

The theories and principles behind economics are difficult for many to understand. However, many of the following blogs take this difficulty into consideration as they try to reach out to a broad audience in many cases. The list contains some of the most popular international perspectives, academic blogs and a list of “come-hither, I know [...]


If you haven’t yet signed up at, now would be a good day: Tip’d 2.0 has launched. The new version of Tip’d features several big updates, including social stock tickers, an investing videos category, and the Tip’d Top 100 (most popular financial Web sites).

In March, Beijing central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan roiled the global financial system by suggesting, in an essay aimed at an international audience, that a new reserve currency be adopted — one that could replace the U.S. dollar as the global currency predominantly used in trade between nations. Although not mentioning the dollar by name, [...]


It took a while for social media to infect financial vertical, but once it caught on, it gained momentum quickly. Social lending sites like Kiva got a ton of press; the social news site for finance, Tip’d, grew like a weed; and now that Twitter’s all the rage, we’re seeing some new money-themed Twitter-based services [...]